At Studio J…

  • We make dance and fitness affordable and fun!
  • We believe that learning to dance in a healthy, creative, nurturing environment expands imaginations, builds self-esteem, promotes self-discipline and establishes a sense of teamwork and cooperation. Most of all, we will give our students love, praise and encouragement to be their best.
  • We value every teacher’s artistic creativity. Students have an opportunity to experience a variety of teachers with different styles at one studio!
  • Our passion-driven teachers are continuously learning and growing. They stay current and continue to perfect their art.
  • We believe that ‘the world is our stage’ and we will seek every opportunity to expose our students and teachers by continuously developing choreography and performing at various community events. Doing this throughout the year lessens the anxiety and stress of a one-time recital as well as offers more opportunities to entertain a crowd, build poise and confidence.
  • In December, we have a Holiday showcase & party where every class perform in our ‘mini-recital’.
  • Recital time will be ‘stress-free’ and is not mandatory.
  • The season runs from September to May.


Class Descriptions

Leap ‘N Learn (Ages 1.5-3): Physical space and how we relate to it as an individual and a group member, locomotor and non-locomotor movements, musical awareness, opposites, directions, and pathways self-awareness, teamwork, creative expression, imagination, basic body and health awareness

Pre-ballet (Ages 3.5-5): children are taught basic warm-up and stretch exercises to instill the idea of getting the body ready for dance. These fun routines are followed by very simple early ballet movements taught to music in a playful environment. Children learn to follow instructions, work with others in the group, and enjoy simple but early effective ballet practice.

Tap (Ages 3.5+): the most original form of American dance, where the participant acts as both dancer and musician. An audible form of dance, tap offers instant rewards… you hear the sounds you create from day one!

Jazz/Contemporary (Ages 6+): a form of dance that emphasizes strength and flexibility of the body integrated with musicality

Ballet (Ages 6+): ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body. It can tell a story or express a thought or emotion. Ballet can be magical, exciting, provoking or disturbing

Gymnastics (Ages 6+): builds the foundations of strength and precision required for a successful and fulfilling practice of gymnastics. Basic moves and stretches are drilled to develop the skills needed for more complex routines while the student simultaneously learns physical control and mental focus.

Hip Hop (Ages 6+): a mix class where students learn various hip hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant environment. It offers a new set of combinations and routines every time

Boyz Club (Ages 6+): this hip hop inspired class is only for the boys!

Girls Club (Ages 6+): this hip hop inspired class is only for the girls!

Level of Experience
Level I – 0 to 2 years
Level II – 3 years or more

* All classes are one (1) Hour
* Classes begin September 5th
* Fall registration ends October 14th
* Rectial – June 2nd 2018 at Sheas 710


5pm: Gym 3-5 Yr. (Miss M’Quiara)
Tap 5-6 Yr. (Miss Jayme)
5pm: Gym 3-5 Yr. (Miss M’Quiara)
6pm: J Fitness (Miss Jayme)
6 PM
Jazz 6+ (Miss Kesi)
Gymnastics II (Miss M’Quiara)
6 PM
Gym II (Miss M’Quiara)
Boyz Club 6+
(Mr. Jayquan)
7pm: Adult Caribbean Dance Party (Miss Kesi)
J Fitness (Miss Jayme)
Tap II (Miss Jayme)
Girls Club 6+(Miss M’Quiara)
Adult Hip Hop (Mr. Jayquan)
Tap 7-10 Yr (Miss Kesi)
Girls Club 6+(Miss M’Quiara)
Hip Hop II (Mr. Jayquan) ** Audition Required
9am: J Fitness (Miss Jayme)
Tiny Tots 18 Mo-2Yr. (Miss Alexis)
12pm: Gym 3-5 Yr. (Miss Alexis)
Tap 7-10 Yr. (Miss Megan)
10am: Tap 3-4 yr (Miss Jayme)
Leap ‘N Learn w/ Ballet 3 yr (Miss Alexis)
1pm: Jazz 6+ (Miss JMegan)
Ballet 6+ (Miss Alexis)
11am: Tap 5-6 Yr (Miss Jayme)

Download Class Schedule Here

Download Photo Release Form Here


Registration Fee
– $30 per student
– $50 per family
– No registration fee for adult classes
– Registration fee is non-refundable

Monthly Fee
$40: 1 class
$70: 2 classes
$100: 3 classes
$130: 4 classes
$160: 5 classes

Example #1: For two (2) siblings taking three (3) classes total, the cost is $100 per month
Example #2: For one (1) child taking four (4) classes total, the cost is $130 per month
Example #3: For three (3) siblings taking five (5) classes total, the cost is $160 per month

There is a 10% discount given if tuition for the season is paid in full by October 1st. There are no additional discounts given.

All classes meet once a week for one (1) hour.

Performance Fee
– For all students performing in our May recital, there is a non-refundable recital fee of $25 per dancer

Costume Fee
– There is a $50 non-refundable costume deposit per student
– All costumes and accessories will not exceed $75

Registration fee and September tuition are due at the time of registration
– Tuition is due on the 1st of every month
– We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover
– Independent Health FlexFit and personalBest cards are accepted for youth classes only
– A $5 late fee is assessed if payment is not received by the 10th of the month
– There are no refunds for missed classes
– All vacations and holidays are factored into the tuition

Online Customer Portal
Convenience of paying monthly tuition with a credit card (payment is SSL secure) same as ATM machines.
– View statement information
– Update contact information, examples: email, phone numbers, credit card, student information
– Instant automated confirmation by email that payment was successful.

Dress Code
Female Students (all ages): Black leotard, black footed/convertible tights or black biker shorts (tap, jazz and gymnastics classes) * Comfortable-fitting street clothes and sneakers are appropriate for hip hop classes

Male Students (all ages): Black pants & white t-shirt (tap, jazz and gymnastics) * Comfortable-fitting street clothes and sneakers are appropriate for hip hop classes

* Earrings, watches, rings and jewelry must not be worn during class * Hair accessories can present a danger to students. We ask that ALL beads be completely covered up with a stocking cap/scarf. They must not be seen or come out. Students will be asked to sit and observe class if this rule is not followed

Jazz & Gymnastics: bare feet

Tap Shoes:
Females Ages 1.5-5 Black Patent Leather
Females Ages 6 & up Black Leather
Males Ages 1.5 & up Black Leather

Ballet classes only:
– Wearing a pretty costume is an important part of your daughter’s enjoyment of ballet class
– Any style of leotard – long sleeve, short sleeve or camisole is acceptable as long as it is pink
– Pink ‘theatrical’ tights are required (purchase at Dance n Stuff or Bailey Slipper only)
– Pink Capezio full-sole ballet slippers are required (purchase at Dance n Stuff or Bailey Slipper only)
– Your child is welcome to wear a pull-on tutu with her leotard, please make sure it is not too long so as to hamper her movements.
– All girls must remember to wear a skirt to every class, and make sure to pull hair into a small bun or ponytail.